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Good condition required for engine startup

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Good conditions needed when the engine starts:
(1) There is enough starting speed. The starting speed is high, the amount of gas in the cylinder is small, and the heat transfer of the compressed air to the cylinder wall is short, and the heat loss is small, the gas temperature and pressure when the compression is finalized. Generally requiring a speed of 100R / min.

(2) The sealing property of the cylinder is good. This can further reduce the amount of leakage to ensure that the gas has sufficient combustion temperature and pressure when the compression is terminated, and the compression pressure of the cylinder shall not be lower than the standard value of 8_0_%.

(3) When the mating gap between the engine relative to the running machine is appropriate, and the lubrication is good.

⑷ The battery must have sufficient starting capacity, and the technical condition of the start circuit is normal.

⑸ The amount of starting oil meets the requirements, the injection quality is good, and the injection advance angle should meet the requirements.

⑹ Use fuel that meets the requirements.

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