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Generator set simple operating instructions

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Easy precautions and operational flow of diesel generator sets

First, notes:

1,Diesel generator setsIt should be equipped with a battery charger, regularly check if the battery is lofinant, charge it. The battery will be charged through the randomly equipped charging generator during the operation.

2, regular inspection machine oil, diesel, water, antifreeze, etc.

3, to functionally stably operate, and should be replaced, die filtration, air filtering, etc.

4, try to ensure that the temperature of the equipment room is at least 0 ° C, it is easy to start when the unit is started, quickly

Second, manual start and stop

1. First open the DC power switch on the controller, and the film data is displayed normally.

2. Press the manual key (the hand button), to wait in the manual mode indicator.

3. Press the start button (green button), and then the fuel relay after 1S clock, then the unit starts.

4, the unit is raised from the low speed to the high speed, the screen will be displayed on the screen, waiting to carry \", at this time, the power sag is working properly.

5. Immove the load first, press the stop button (red button), and the unit is lowered from the high speed.

Third, automatic start and stop

1, the so-called automatic start, means that the generator gets the signal by the signal line given from the mains, that is, whether it is electricity, the process of automatic start and stop.

2, in the case of electricity electricity, open the DC power switch on the controller, and the film data is displayed normally, press the automatic key (Auto button), and the power switch.

3, when the electricity is suddenly no power, the generator passes the signal from the signal line, the unit will display \"boot delay \", and the number of X-second rear unit is automatically started, and the low speed is raised to high speed, automatically load .

4. When the main electricity is electrically powered, the generator is also given by the signal line, which is lowered from the high speed after X seconds, and implements a smooth shutdown.

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