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Generator set of daily fuel tanks and large oil storage tanks 18609915083

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Daily fuel tank: daily fuel tank is directly supplied to the generator, so it should also be placedgeneratorInside. The small unit of the small unit is provided with steel or plastic daily cylinders equipped with a fuel pipe to the diesel engine. Such \"Bottom Filters\" can provide a minimum of 8 hours of full-load operation for diesel engines. Or, as an atrium base fuel tank, can run about 24 hours.
Large storage cylinders: In order to extend the use time of the unit, a splitting machine, which is particularly important, especially for the alternate generator sets that do not regularly supply fuel.
The big cylinder should generally be placed in place for the fuel, and should be easy to clean and examine, but should not be exposed to the wild in winter, because the oil will slow down due to increased viscosity. The cylinder can be placed on the ground or underground.
The large cylinder must have a vent hole to release the air pressure generated due to the infusion of the fuel tank, or due to volatilization or expansion. It is also necessary to prevent vacuum due to oil consumption. Bottom of the tank should be rounded, inclined to facilitate aggregation of 2 and water, and the precipitate when placed. A sewage valve should be provided at a low place to discharge water and precipitate to a fixed place. The oil tank buried under the ground should often exclude these water.
The height between the large storage cylinder and the daily fuel tank is very important. Because the power suction pump oil feeder limit is four meters away. Therefore, the base of the large fuel tank daily tank level not less than 4 meters high or more. (With the above fuel tanks)

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