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Generator automatic control screen GMTI-7500IX introduction

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GMTI-7500IX generator automatic control screenTaking the DACTS705 diesel generator set automatic controller to control the core, you can monitor the operating state of the oil machine in real time, automatically control the start and stop of diesel generator sets. The control screen also provides automatic protection, when the oil machine fails, the buzzer + displays the screen and automatically stop the oil machine.
GMTI-7500IX generator automatic control screen performance characteristics:

→ Automatic control or manually controlling the start and stop of the diesel engine

→ Monitor and display the operation parameters of the oil machine

→ Automatic and manual two working modes

→ Automatic downtime protection. Detection failures include oil machine voltage overvoltage, oil machine voltage undervoltage, oil machine frequency overcurs, oil machine frequency definition, load current over flow, low oil pressure, high water temperature, low oil level. Emergency shutdown, failed to start, battery voltage low alert, charging failure alarm, etc.

→ The menu uses a full number you. Modify analog alarm / shutdown limit value, delay value, and oil machine parameter settings by pressing the button operation.

→ Use the animation icon alarm, fault display, high brightness, multi-color LCD display display parameters.

→ An abnormal situation occurs in the operation of the oil machine, press the button to stop emergency

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