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Generator Set Dual Power (ATS) Product Performance and Operation Method and Operating Voltage of AC Generator AVR

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First, the power system is required for power interruption time, and the maintenance-saving system automatically switches the system .ats self-switching control cabinet can automatically transfer to the backup power supply system after the original supply system is powered off, thereby maintaining normal power supply.
Second, such as the original supply system, when the market power failure or three-phase deficiency, under pressure, the automatic switching system automatically activates the generator set. After the generator set starts, the voltage frequency is normal, and the voltage is supplied to the load. After returning to normal, automatically switch to the mains power supply, delay the generator.
Third, if the original supply system is a generator set,Generator setWhen a fault is stopped, the automatic switching system immediately cut off the power generation unit and automatically converts to the mains power supply. Automatic Load Output Conversion Screen (ATS) is a two-power supply system for AC 50Hz and a rated operating voltage of 400 V for an automatic switching device (hereinafter referred to as the switching device). This controller sets a variety of functions to control automatic conversion (ATS) of the two power supply power supply. When the main source fails, the conversion switch is converted to the standby power supply, and when the main power is returned to normal, convert it to the main power supply.
Fourth, this controller is composed of flame retardant, high-strength plastic die-casting panels and polishing steel housing. All connectors of the controller are connected by a pin-locked terminal, which makes the device's connection, move, repair, and replacement.
5. The new ATS controller TU series is complete and stable performance. It is very convenient to install, line connections and operations. This controller can display the various states, electrical parameters, automatic or manual operation buttons of the ATS, control the ATS (Automatic Transformation Switch) to implement automatic conversion of two power supplies; and with communication interface (RS485), here The connection of the interface is realized. According to different power supplies, different control functions are achieved. This controller TU series has three species, namely TU-GG (power generation - power), TU-MG (primary electricity), TU-MM (City Electric) Electric), wherein the standard is Tu-mg. The shape and size of various controllers are the same.

AVR is the core control element of the AC generator, ensures the stability of the generator output voltage by controlling the size of the excitation current, and the parallel generator can be realized by AVR. AVR is typically about 12V of the diesel generator idle speed, and the DC is about 40V when the high speed is run. If the excitation voltage is input too large, it will cause damage to the generator, AVR burning and other phenomena.

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