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Four measures for noise control of diesel generator sets

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Control measures for noise of diesel generator set
Diesel Generator Set Noise Control Measures 1: Soundproof
In the diesel generator set, the sound tunnel is mounted, the size is ** m × ** m × ** M, and the outer wall of the sound sound is ** mm galvanized plate. The inner wall is ** mm perforated plate, the intermediate filler is ** / m3 ultra-fine glass wool, and the concave surface of the tank steel is filled with glass wool.
Diesel generator set noise control measures 2: exhaust
The diesel generator is relied on the air, the AES-type rectangular muffler is installed in the front of the exhaust, the muffler size is ** m × ** m × ** M, and the muffler has a thickness of 200mm, and the spacing is 100mm. The muffler tablets use both sides of galvanized perforated plates. The 9 identified muffler assembled a large muffler of 1 ** m × ** m × ** m. 300 mm before the muffler is a winding shutter of the same size.
Diesel generator set noise control measures 3: 进风 消 消
Install the natural feed gas dispenser at the top of the sound launcher. The muffler makes the same exhaust muffler, the net muffler length is ** M, the cross-section size is ** m × ** M, the muffler film thickness ** mm, the spacing ** mm, the muffler external no lining 90 ° muffler elbow And muffle elbow length ** m.
Diesel generator set noise control measures 4: smoke exhalation
Through the mating of 2 residential mufflers of the diesel generator set, the muzzle after messenger is combined with a φ450mm tobacco pipe from the exhaust blind.

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