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Five major electric companies are overwhelmed to Japan proposed to introduce more stringent policies for renewable energy

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The Japanese Economic Industry and the province are developing more stringent policy provisions for the production and sale of the renewable energy field, with the aim of overseeing the industry quickly and steadily.

After the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in July 2012, the Japanese government has introduced a series of renewable energy stimulus programs to enable Japan to become the country with the largest capacity of PV generators in the world.

The plan has attracted the investment and construction of the photovoltaic industry. As the purchase side of photovoltaic power generation, power company has become somewhat overwhelmed by rapidly developed photovoltaic power generation, and photovoltaic power supply is not stable.

Many renewable energy projects did not start immediately after obtaining approval. The new regulations stipulate that the power sector has the right to deprive the renewable energy generator of the delayed renewable energy generator.

According to the document released in the economic industry, the power generation party is also eligible to cancel the network if there is no payment of the online privilege fee within one month.

Because wind and solar energy belong to intermittent energy, it will be affected by the weather, so the economic industry province plans to formulate new regulations. The length of the renewable energy power generation is up to 30 days in the year, and does not have a power plant. Compensate. The Ordinance applies to power generation for power generation, only for power plants greater than 500 kW.

According to a separate document of another economic industry, the above newly developed regulations apply to a variety of photovoltaic or wind power projects, including resident roof solar projects. In addition, non-subsidized grid restrictions will be calculated in hours, rather than the number of times, to better adapt to power supply and demand relationships.

Before these regulations, at least five countries have begun to restrict new photovoltaic power plants, and study the restrictions on renewable energy power generation capacity in the grid.

Another provisions have been implemented in the industry, which is the first time that the renewable energy power plant must first agree to obtain and have a decree that can be obtained.

With regard to power companies, Northeast Electric Power Company and Jiuzhou Electric Power Company are particularly nervous. At the same time, Hokkaido Electric Power Company, Northeast Power Company, Siki Electric Co., Jiuzhou Electric Power Company, Okinawa Power Company restarts the renewable energy access project after new regulations.

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