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Excessive inspection and reasons for oil consumption of generator sets

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The role of the oil isengineThe piston is guaranteed when working, and the piston ring has good lubrication between the cylinder walls. When the engine is working, the oil must consume, adheres to a layer of oil on the cylinder wall using a splatter method, because the piston ring is limited, the oil remaining on the cylinder wall under high temperature gas, some are burned, there is As the exhaust gas is discharged or the carbon is formed on the cylinder head, when the engine temperature is too high, some oil evaporates vaporization and is driven to the crankcase. When the engine has a good condition, these consumption is relatively small, generally do not exceed the __0 _._ 5_% _8_8_, but when the engine's technical condition is marked with the extension of the time, the oil consumption will increase . The increase in oil consumption marks that engine performance has dropped.
(1) reason
1 The amount of gas is large, the oil is blown from the ventilation pipe from the ventilation pipe.
2 oil cooler oil leaks.
3 The gap between the piston and the cylinder wall is too large.
4 Piston ring pair, or the card is lost in the loop slot.
5 Twisted loops or cone rolls revealed the oil resistance, but pump oil to the combustion chamber.
6 valve oil seal is damaged.
7 Uppercharier seals fail oil.
8 crankshaft oil sealing oil.
⑨ Leak oil with the gasket of the crankcase joint portion.
Air compressor slamming oil.

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