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Drawing Cylinder Fault Analysis of Diesel Generator Set

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Diesel generator set draws tapers is a stripe shape that appears in the direction of the piston movement on the surface of the cylinder and the piston ring, with color damage. When the diesel generator group pulls the tape, the wear of the cylinder liner is very sharp, and the tens of or even hundreds of times the normal wear.

Diesel generator set pull tacho failure phenomenon

1. External feature of the drawn tach of diesel generator group is a change in sound, and the exhaust is black.

2. Piston, piston ring and cylinder block work surface are destroyed, the gas seal is invalid, the energy consumption of oil is rapidly increased, so that the engine does not work properly, even in a short period of time, due to piston, piston ring and cylinder Bite and park.

Diesel generator set scrap failure cause

1. The main reason for the pull tach is actually a piston, and the piston ring and the cylinder line surface are bracing due to high temperature and \"welding \". That is, the piston does not have a dry rubbing between the oil film due to the oil film, and the hot friction heat causes the microfiltration of the metal and adhesive, and the vicinity of the nearest metal is pulled.

2. The most fundamental reason for diesel generator sets is the oil film interruption. Depending on the gas seal requirements, the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder line should be as small as possible, which makes their lubrication conditions very unfavorable. When the contact surface is overloaded, the cylinder block surface and the piston ring working surface are severely frozen due to direct contact, producing a large amount of friction heat, so that the temperature of the working surface has risen sharply, and the consequence is two friction surface welding adhesion. Resulting in straits.

It can be seen that the oil supply condition is poor, the gas is severe, the contact stress of the parts is too large, and the oil film is caused by the main cause of the tub. In addition to lubrication, matching gap, parts of parts, improper use, can also cause the diesel generator set to pull the tape, specifically, as follows:

1. The piston and the cylinder block fit gap are too small, or there is no good grinding before the formal belt load work.

2. Poor lubrication, such as small gap, oil velocity or not oil when assembled.

3. Diesel engine overheat.

4. When assembling, the body is not cleaned or the piston is too dead.

5. Pistons and piston ring quality.

From the perspective of use, pay attention to avoid sudden increase in load or emergency parking, try to turn the crankshaft a few turns before starting, so that the surface of the friction remains a certain lubricating oil.

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