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Do you know, what are the causes of diesel generators?

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A: Diesel engine exhaust black smoke is a phenomenon that the diesel is not sufficiently burning, and the carbon quality is decomposed with the exhaust gas in high temperature. The exhaust is black, not only reduces engine power, increasing diesel consumption, and is easily formed, and the engine service life is shortened. The reason is as follows:

  First, the fresh air in the cylinder is insufficient

Cause: (1) The air filter is too much in the air filter; (2) muffler rust, carbon carbon, carbon, carbon, transportation, excessive exhaust valve clearance, reduced valve opening; (4) an attachment mechanism Parts are loose, wear, deformed, and the relative position of the camshaft gear and the crankshaft timing, the valve opening and closing time is incorrect.

  Second, the temperature and pressure drops during cylinder compression

(1) The cylinder, the piston ring is too much, the piston ring is installed incorrectly or lost elasticity causes the cylinder leakage; (2) The valve gap is too small, and the hot car is easy to be opened, or the valve abuse, the carbon caride causes a cylinder Semi-sealing; (3) the cylinder head and the body, the injector is leaked with the cylinder head; (4) The valve is seriously fed, the piston and the piston pin, the piston pin and the connecting rod small head, the connecting rod large head and connecting rod axis The neck gap is too large, and the volume of combustion chamber is increased, and the compression is decreased.

  Third, diesel adverse

Reason: (1) Injector pressure is adjusted; (2) injector regulator spring break or card; (3) injector needle valve and valve seat carbon, needle or wear; (4) ) The fuel injection pump outlet can be worn, so that the injector drip oil.

Fourth, the oil supply time and the amount of oil supply are incorrect

The reason is: (1) After the oil supply time is too late; (2) The start of the start, the gas pressure and temperature are low, and the oil supply time is too early; (3) Adding oil supply strokes after the injection pump plunger is worn; (4) The injection pump regulates the tip or the rod stroke, which is too much oil.

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