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Diesel generator set protection configuration principle

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The core of the power system isgeneratorTo ensure the safety and reliable operation of the generator, it is necessary to perform a variety of faults and abnormal operations, with a complete relay protection device according to the capacity and importance of generator. It mainly includes the following aspects:
1, reflect the turns between the turns of the stator winding;
2. Reflecting the excitation circuit of the excitation circuit ground and two-point grounding protection;
3, reflect the longitudinal differential protection of the phase short circuit;
4, reflect the stator grounding protection of the stator single-phase short circuit;
5. Reflecting the reserve protection and overload protection of the short circuit of the generator;
6. Reflect overvoltage protection of electron winding overvoltage;
7. Reflections reverse power protection of reverse power;
8, reflect the loss of magnetine protection of low excitation or ammagnetic;
9. Reflecting the failure protection of the generator until;
10. Reflecting the profile protection protection of the stator core over excitation;
11, reflect low frequency protection of low frequencies;
Generator protection configuration principle
1. For 300MW and above the steam turbine generator transformer group, it should be installed with double rapid protection, that is, the longitudinal differential protection of generators, transformer longitudinal differential protection, and generator transformer group share longitudinal differential protection; When there is a circuit breaker between the generator and the transformer, it should be installed with a dual generator longitudinal differential protection;
Generators with 2,1MW or more should be assembled;
3, the generator transformer group, when there is a circuit breaker between the generator and the transformer, the generator is installed 100mW and the following generator, unique longitudinal differential protection; when there is no circuit breaker between the generator and the transformer However, the generator transformer group can be equipped with a shared longitudinal differential protection, 100 mW, and above generators, except for the generator transformer group to share longitudinal differential protection, the generator should also set a separate longitudinal differential protection, 200 ~ 300MW of the generator transformer group can add a separate longitudinal differential protection on the transformer, ie the use of double rapid protection;
4. For generators with generator transformer group unit wiring, the capacity is below 100 mW, and the protected area should be installed less than 90% of the stator ground protection; the capacity is 100mW or more, and the protected area should be 100%. Ground protection;
5,1MW hydraulic generators should be installed at a grounding protection device;
6. The generator directly connected to the bus, when a single-phase fault current is greater than the allowable value, should be equipped with a selective grounding protection device;
7, the rotor cold steam generator and the steam wheel generator, which should be installed on a grounding protection device, and each generator is installed; and two-point ground protection device can be installed, each A set of generators is installed, and a ground fault periodic detection device should be installed for rotary rectifying.
8,100mW or less, no magnetine running generator is allowed when using a semiconductor excitation system, it is advisable to design a dedicated missing protection;
Turbogers below 9, 100 mW, can use a periodic detection device. Two point grounding protection devices should be installed for two-point grounding failure;
10,100 mW or less but amplified generators and generators with a significant impact on power systems should be equipped with dedicated ammagnetic protection. The lost magnetic protection of a 600 mW generator can be installed.

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