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Diesel generator set machine oil, use of coolant

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With regard to the use of diesel, first, according to the use ambient temperature of the diesel engine. A high diesel oil in climate is used; a highly agglomerate low diesel is required in a cold area.

The less the moisture and mechanical impurities contained in diesel, otherwise it is easy to cause early blockage and parts of the filter.

Diesel engine can be used in a general ambient temperature, and diesel must be cleaned. It should be filtered by a precipitation treatment of a considerable long time (seven days) before use, or filter it with a silk cloth to remove mechanical impurities in diesel. .

2. Oil

Users should use appropriate specifications according to different diesel engine models and use ambient temperatures. General pressurization and diesel engine with a calibration speed greater than 2000 r / min should use CC-grade diesel; a diesel engine that is less than 2000 r / min of natural inhalation and calibration speed can be selected from the CF level.

The oil must be cleaned. When the water should be prevented from entering the oil, it is necessary to change the lubrication system after cleaning the lubrication system.

△ Note: Don't use the oil mix used by different grades.

3. Cooling liquid

The cooling system is used directly to cool the diesel coolant, usually with clean fresh water, such as rainwater, tap water, or clarified river water, if they directly use the groundwater (hard water), because they contain more minerals, easily in the diesel engine Forming scale in the water chamber, affects the cooling effect, and if the conditions are limited as long as the conditions are limited, they must be used after softening. Softening method: 1 boiled boiled, boiled water; 2 0.67 g of caustic sodium (alkali) is added to each liter, stir the precipitate.

△ Note: Resolutely not allowing the use of seawater to cool the diesel engine.

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