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Diesel generator set daily management rules

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First, check before boot

1. If the oil level of the oil ruler is between \"l \" and \"h \", the quality of the oil is abnormal;

2, check if the water tank cooling water is sufficient, whether the water valve switch is opened, there is no leakage;

3, check the tension of the water pump belt, fan belt and charging belt;

4, check the fan, there is no debris between the water tank cooling tablets, if there is immediate removal;

5. Check that there is a bunch of debris on the generator, if there is immediate removal;

6. Check if there is no oil leakage, leakage in the generator set;

7. Check the battery connector for looseness and rust;

8. Reading units running records, all kinds of filter and oil have no supersery use.

Second, check after boot

1. Listening to the diesel generator set has no sound sound, if there is, stop immediately;

2, check the oil pressure gauge, under normal circumstances, the cooler state oil pressure is not less than 35 psi;

3. Check the frequency of the generator set, whether the voltage value is stable and the charging machine is working.

4, the above three cases are normal, and the air is loaded for 10 minutes.

5. Avoid operating under the operating conditions of 80% rated load or more;

6. Listen to the diesel engine under the working conditions with load, check the oil pressure, water temperature (92 degrees Celsius, voltage, smoke;

7. Check that the generator set has no oil, leakage, leakage phenomenon, and unusual vibration of the unit;

8. Check the temperature of the electric shock housing.

Third, the check after stop

1. After the load is unloaded, the diesel airborne does not operate for 10 minutes, allowing the battery, and the diesel engine lubrication components are sufficiently cooled;

2. After the stop, the inspection unit has no water, if there is an immediate maintenance. The overhaul must be done 2 hours after the stop is stopped.

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