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Diesel generator set coolant temperature is too high

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If the generator group has too high temperature in the use of the coolant temperature, the coolant temperature will cause harm to the generator set, and the components are damaged, and the heavy generator set cannot be operated normally. Throughout all the reasons why the coolant temperature is too high, some of them is that the user can check it out and resolved, and the other is required to solve.

Starlight Electromechanical Beijing Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of diesel generator set manufacturers. Its technicians have passed the experience of the experience and the search for the majority of users. The following may lead to high temperature in the power generator set, and proposed Corresponding solution.

1, radiator heat sink blocking
Treatment method: find the reason for solving blocking, cleaning the radiator

2, the cooling liquid is insufficient
Treatment method: Add a coolant

3, the cooling liquid fan is not working properly
Treatment method: Check the fan belt nervance, change the belt if necessary

4, the radiator is not well ventilated
Handling method: increase the effective area of ​​ventilation according to the requirements to ensure smooth ventilation

5, coolant alarm switch (sensor) or meter failure
Processing: Check the control screen, meter, body sensor, repair or replacement, troubleshoot

6, fan damage
Handling method: overhaul or replacement

7, water pump damage
Handling method: overhaul or replacement

8, thermostat failure
Handling method: replace

9, fuel injection pump failure
Treatment method: Please authorize staff to repair or replace

10, the oil supply is incorrect
Treatment method: View the fuel injection pump data and authorize the staff to repair adjustment

11, the environment (intake) temperature is too high
Treatment method: Keep the machine room to reasonably reduce the temperature of the machine room

12, the unit overload is serious
Handling method: control the load, prohibiting machine groups overload operation

The above is a common cause and treatment method for the temperature of the generator set of the generator set, which is desirable to provide you with convenience of users. If the reason for the temperature of the generator set is not equal, the starlight recommends that you consult a professional maintenance generator set.

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