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Diesel generator set Common error operation (2)

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(6) Working in a state in which cooling water and oil oil is too low
During the working process of diesel engine, the temperature of the cooling water is too low, the temperature of the cylinder wall is decreased, and the water evaporation produced by the combustion condenses into a water droplet, and the exhaust gas contacts the acidic substance, attached to the cylinder wall, producing corrosion wear. Practice has proved that the diesel engine is often used when the cooling water temperature is 40 ° C to 50 ° C, and the parts wear is several times more than the normal operating temperature (85 ° C ~ 95 ° C). At this time, when the water temperature is too low, the temperature of the cylinder is low, the diesel engine is extended, and once the fire, the pressure is rapidly increased, the diesel fuel is rude, and it is easy to cause mechanical damage to the parts. The diesel engine operates in a state in which the cooling water is low, the gap of the piston is large, and the tank phenomenon has occurred, and vibration is generated, and the cylinder set occurs. The oil temperature is too low, the fluidity of the oil is high, the oil volume of the lubrication is insufficient, making the lubrication, resulting in increased friction side wear, shorten the life of the diesel engine.
(7) Operation in the case of the oil pressure is too low
If the oil pressure is too low, the lubrication cannot perform normal oil circulation and pressure lubrication, and the lubrication portions do not have sufficient oil. Therefore, the machine should pay attention to observe the motor oil pressure gauge or oil pressure indicator condition during driving. If the oil pressure is found to be lower than the specified pressure, it is necessary to stop immediately, and then continue to travel.
(8) Machine speed, overload driving
If the machine is seriously speeding, overloading, the diesel engine will operate in the work of too large, the speed is too high, easy to cause the heat load and mechanical load of the work and mechanical load, etc. Cylinders, burn watts, etc. Regular oversight operation, resulting in a long-term crude burn in the cylinder, which is easy to damage the cylinder pad.
(9) Strike the throttle before the fire
If the high-speed diesel engine suddenly stops running, its huge inertia will cause the part of the crank linkage mechanism and the gas gasement to damage the parts and shorten the service life. At the same time, the mammatic throttle is that the fuel is not completely burned by excess into the cylinder, and the lubricating oil is diluted in the air cylinder wall. In addition, the piston, valve, and combustion chamber will increase significantly, causing joll mouth clogging and piston card death.
(10) The diesel engine is suddenly added to the water when the temperature is too high.
If the water is suddenly added to the water, the cylinder cover, the cylinder jacket, the cylinder, etc. will cause cracks due to severe changes in cold and cold. Therefore, when the diesel engine temperature is too high, the load should be removed first, slightly improve the speed, and turn off the diesel engine after the water temperature drop, lanson the water radiator, and exclude water vapor. The cooling water is slowly injected into the water radiator if necessary.
(11) Long-term idle speed
When the diesel engine is idling, the lubricating oil pressure is low, the water injection cooling effect is poor, resulting in a sharp increase in wear, easy to pull the cylinder; causing poor atomization, incomplete burning, serious carbon deposit, sometimes causing the valve and piston ring card , Cylinder rocker. To this end, some diesel engine instructions clearly stipulate that the idle speed of the diesel engine must not exceed 15 to 20 minutes.

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