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Diesel generator operation and maintenance manual

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1.1 General
The Star Series Diesel Generator Set is a complete combination that has reliable stability and excellent use performance. For maintenance and operations as specified in this manual, you can provide superior, stable power supply for a long time. The following is a general introduction to a standard diesel generator set. It should be noted that the body structure of different models can have slight changes. See the detailed description of the following chapters and other related materials.
Diesel generator appearance

Each diesel generator set has a nameplate that is pasted on the housing of the main AC generator. The information on the nameplate is used to identify the model, number and its simple technical characteristics of the unit, such as rated speed, rated voltage, current, and rated frequency, rated power, rated power factor, and standard test conditions of the unit, such as ambient temperature and altitude, etc. . In order to provide users with more detailed reference, some information will be repeated within the technical data table included with this manual.
The diesel generator group number will not be repeated, and the above-mentioned unit number must be accurate when needed to purchase spare parts and the maintenance service of the unit.
1.2 diesel engine
The star-rated diesel generator sets according to the power grade, combined with various brand diesel engines in a specific power range performance advantage, it is the source of power of the entire unit, which belongs to heavy industrial 4 stroke diesel engines. . All diesel performance is safe and reliable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, plus data is comprehensive in-depth, easy to understand, and have already been accepted and understood by the majority of users, so it is more advantageous when practical operation is used. The diesel engine is fully equipped, including cylindrical dry paper air cleaner, and a fully automatic speed control system (mechanical or electronic speed control system) of diesel engine (mechanical or electronic speed control system) to accurately control the speed of the diesel engine, and ensure that the unit output power voltage, frequency Stability. In addition, in addition to a small number of units, all other models and types of diesel engines are supported.
1.3 cooling system
The cooling system of standard configured diesel generator sets generally includes a water pipe, a constant temperature regulator, or the like, and a high energy thrust axial flow fan for cooling the water tank. In addition, some units also include an air intermediate cooler, a fuel or a lubricating oil intermediate cooler.
Note that the airflow is pushed to the heat sink, the cooling gas stream is the first AC generator, and then the diesel engine is passed through the heat dissipation tank.
1.4 exhaust system
Industrial Heavy Exhaust Silencer is randomly attached to the treatment, silencer and exhaust system reduce noise and can directly discharge the exhaust gas outdoors. Exhaust system and all attachments installations are very important for the service life of the unit, power output and other performance indicators, etc., users should read the relevant contents of this manual after the installation of the unit exhaust silence system. And should be strictly in accordance with the installation instructions in this book.
1.5 unit base
Considering the special requirements of many users, in order to facilitate user installation, use, and reduce the vibration at runtime runtime, Jiangsu Star has created an integrated machine bottom fuel tank with high-efficiency shock absorbing devices in China. Output 6 to 10 hours.
The diesel engine and the main AC generator of the Star Light Series are rigidly connected, and as the overall device is uniformly installed on a thick steel base fuel tank. When the unit needs to be displaced, it is recommended that the user only on the unit with an efficient shock absorber device. The base fuel tank is operated, such as shaking or lifting.
The unit lifting shift is prohibited by using a hanging ring above the diesel or generator.
1.6 damper
A standard configured Star Series diesel generator set has a set of high-efficiency vibration damping devices, which is designed to reduce the vibration of the diesel generator in the normal operation of normal operation and the surrounding wall.
1.7 main AC generator
The superior performance of the main alternator is brushless. This feature ensures that the output is stable and reliable, and the maintenance is simple. Specifically, high stability, high stability, etc., high resistance, and good anti-interference performance, free from the cumbersome maintenance of traditional carbon brush and slip ring.
The generator comes with a protective net cover and a protective drip protection housing and fully automatic regulator AVR, AVR is mounted on the side of the power junction box at the top of the generator. The adjustment of AVR should first notify the relevant distribution unit, or consult the manufacturer directly to avoid unnecessary problems.
1.8 electrical system
The electrical system of the unit is an negative ground DC power. The system includes a starting motor and a battery, etc. For any model and power grade star series diesel generator set, each unit is equipped with an AC charging system. When the unit is running, it is responsible for continuous charging the battery.
In addition, for an automated or monitoring unit of 8200 and above, a battery floating device is also installed separately in the launch control screen. All diesel generator sets provide a set of lead-acid high energy batteries, and battery capacity allows for sixth start operations. After the new battery is initially added to the battery standard liquid, it should be ensured that the charging is full, which can help the battery's long life and future maintenance.
1.9 start control system
Different as needed, all Star Series diesel generators can support various start-up control system screens involved in this manual, each of which can achieve different operations and different functions, respectively. If the 6110 start control screen is used for the user's pure hand-motion operation, the 7320 starts the control screen to complete the manual, automatic start-up operation of the unit, 750 can complete the function of the manual, automatic and remote monitoring operations of the unit. To meet the specific use requirements of various users, it is recommended that users should explain the use of methods, use occasions, and use properties or directly indicate the specific type of the supporting launch control system.
All types of start-up control systems can automatically monitor the operational status of the unit and function of fault automatic alarms and downtime. Basic fault alarm / shutdown function has \"low oil press \", \"high water temperature \", \"speeding\",\"charge fail\" \"And \" Emergency Stop \", etc., some models of control systems have more protection.
In addition, all types of control systems are interchangeable to facilitate the user's use and control system upgrades. The start-up control system screen of the unit is generally installed on the power junction box. The relevant chapters of this manual will provide detailed information on various start-up control systems, and use tag symbols to help identify different start-up control systems. The standard configuration of the unit is the 6110 series launch control system screen.
1.10 air switch
In order to protect the main AC generator does not be damaged by overload current and other abnormal impact, there is a power air switch that is equipped with this model unit, which is installed in a separate private switch box. . The user can directly lead the power connection.

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