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Diesel Generator Set Coolant Use \"Compass \"

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With the improvement of diesel engine enhancement, the demand of the diesel engine on the cooling medium is also improved, so how should I choose cooling water? The generator set Knowledge Base will introduce you to the choice of cooling water of diesel engine. When the diesel engine works, the normal temperature of the cooling water should be maintained at 75 ~ 90 ° C, at which time the diesel engine can make maximum power, the fuel consumption will be close to the economic state, and the strength of the parts is also low. If the temperature of the cooling water is too high or too low, or if you remove the thermostat, the function of the cooling system will reduce or lose. Because the diesel engine is working, the fuel combustion will release a large amount of thermal energy, and the gas temperature in the cylinder is as high as 1800 ~ 2000 ° C, while only 30% to 40% in the thermal energy generated by the combustion is mechanically, about 20% ~ 25% cooling system. take away. If the cooling system is abnormal, the cooling water temperature is too high or too low, which will not only affect the normal work of the diesel engine, but will even have a failure and accident. Cooling water should be used in a slightly basic cleaning water, which must not contain corrosive compounds, and the cooling medium should develop in the direction of cooling water to the coolant. Cooling should use clean soft water to control the pH of the cooling water between the 8 to 11 in the range, minus the scale clogging in the cooling system to prevent the cooling effect. In use, use a chemical to periodically clean the cooling interior to ensure that the cooling cycle is good and normal heat.

In areas or seasons above the ambient temperature above 5 ° C, in order to reduce or avoid the cooling system to cover the corrosion and scale of the body, the cooling water should be added to the cooling water. When the ambient temperature is less than 5 ° C, it is best to use antifreeze when a closed cycle cooling system is used. In the cold season, in order to facilitate the start of the diesel engine, a hot water of about 80 ° C can be added to the cooling system, or the lubricating oil of the oil bottom shell is then started. After the work is completed, after the diesel temperature is lowered to 50 to 60 ° C, all of the radiators and the cylinder blocks are all open to allow water in the cooling system.

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