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Diagnosis and repair of the engine with low speed but no high speed, excessive exhaust

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The engine is low-speed but does not have high speed, and the diagnosis and repair of the smoke exhaustion consultation. Our company's technical department: 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032

The engine is low in low speed, but the speed of the speed is always impossible, and the driving is weak, which is caused by insufficient oil supply.

(1) reason

1 The fuel injection pump is adjusted and reduces the amount of oil supply.

2 The governor spring is lowered due to fatigue. When the throttle is stepped, the oil volume adjustment rod cannot be moved forward, resulting in a decrease in oil supply, and the engine cannot reach the rated speed.

3 The fuel injection pump plunger and sleeve, the injector needle valve is severely worn by the needle valve body, which increases the water leakage in the pump oil, and the amount of oil is relatively reduced.

4 The throttle manipulator is not adjusted properly, or the throttle pedal is too far, causing the accelerator pedal to be in place, causing too little oil supply in full load.

5 There is air in the oil road.

(2) Diagnosis and treatment method

engineWhen the power is insufficient, if the low speed is good, it is normal, and it is normal, it will indicate that the engine combustion is good, that is, the diesel injection quality is good, the oil supply start time is normal, the cylinder sealing is good and the intake is sufficient.

1 In the case of normal low pressure oil routine, first look at whether the looseness of the accelerator pedal connecting pin and the length adjustment of the connecting rods are appropriate. When the throttle is stepped, the governor manifests should be in contact with the limit block when the gallet is stepped. Otherwise it should be adjusted.

2 discharge the air in the oil road.

3 Turn the injector pump on the fuel injection pump test bench, so that the fault is excluded.

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