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Diagnosis and repair method of Cummins engine crankshaft

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Cummins engineDiagnosis and repair method of crankshaft cannot be rotated

1 If the flywheel has three consecutive dental damage, and it is relative to the starter tooth, it will cause both gears to be engaged. In this state, simply use the crowd to turn the flywheel to one angle, then press the start button to start. For damaged flywheel teeth, welding repair can generally be used.

2 When the ring gear is loose, you can confirm from the flywheel starter installation. If the ring gear is loose, the new piece must be replaced. At the time of installation, the ring gear should be placed in the heating tank, and then heat press it on the flywheel, which can be fastened to the flywheel after cooling.

3 When the ring gear teeth are unilateral wear, the ring gear can be pressed, and after the front and rear end surface is flipped, it is used to use it on the flywheel.

4 After inspecting the gear, the flywheel does not rotate when the start is started, and the internal fault should be considered, such as crankshaft lock, piston cylinder, clutch snap, etc., should be further observed. It can first check that the clutch has no damage card, and then check if the fuel injection pump plunger is faulty and there is no malfunction in the interior of the engine.

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