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Congratulations to Xinjiang Guolong Trading Co., Ltd. once again cooperated with our company

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Xinjiang Guolong Trading Co., Ltd. once again ordered a 1000KW container-type diesel generator set, and the diesel generator set is configured for 1000kw Cummins KTA50-G3 diesel engine, 1000KW Stanford LVI634G generator, deep sea 7320 controller, ABB circuit breaker, etc. Contract price includes transportation charges, material fees, manufacturing costs, design fees, commissioning fees, technical guidance, training fees, and all costs of useful use procedures in the technical agreement.


Xinjiang Guolong Trading Co., Ltd. was established on December 8, 2009, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinjiang Investment Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Investment Co., Ltd., Henan Coal, Yongcheng Coal and Electric Holdings Group. The company is mainly responsible for the procurement and product sales of all enterprises in Henan Coal Industry Chemical Group. Coal sector: Xinjiang company currently possesses a total of 17 billion tons of coal resources in Xinjiang, and our company is a wholly-owned trade subsidiary of Xinjiang, Henan Province, which is a pivotive position in the sales of coal and other products. * Steel plates: professional engaged models, combined with all kinds of building materials, sheet materials, pipe, all-year-old and eight steel, wine steel, Tang Intang, Ji Iron, Hangang, Western steel, Shandong Shiheng and other steel enterprises. * Coke segment is fast: annual sales of coke and coke, coke powder, coal tar, crude blene, etc. related products more than 40,000 tons. * Chemical sector: Long-term and Zhongtai Chemistry, China-American Aluminum, Oriental Hope, Shenhuo Shares, Yili Nangang Chemical, Tianshan Shares, operating aluminum oxide powder, methanol, warmers, PVC materials, etc., and long-term engage in chemical products trade .

Our company has cooperated with Xinjiang Guolong Trading Co., Ltd., which provides the equipment for Cummins container.Diesel generatorsGroup, including 500GF generator sets, 1000GF diesel generator sets, and now diesel generator units have good running and getting a good review from users. Details consult Gu Xiaobing 1899222000, 400-0991036

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