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China's electric power reform is difficult to overcome habits

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China has achieved many amazing achievements in the past 30 years: to make the world's admirable economic growth, the international status is rapid, and more than one billion people's living standards are significantly improved. These can be attributed to a national policy - reform and opening up. However, there are still some important industries in China still need to market, the power industry is one.

Today, there is an urgent need to solve the growing energy demand in front of the Chinese government, and there is a continuous deteriorating environmental pollution. Therefore, \"reform \" will become more urgent.

China has realized that the dependence of non-cleaning energy - coal must be reduced, and increase the use of renewable energy. According to data, in 2013, China's new generated electric installed capacity, wind power and solar photovoltaic power generation are more than fossil fuel and nuclear energy.

Over the years, the Chinese government has always taken into considerable effort to meet the extension of urban population surgery and all industries. However, it is that the government official is upset, the smog (PM2.5) is surrounded by many cities in China, and the Chinese people have expressed great dissatisfaction with this issue. There have also been various \"spits on the social network platform. .

Taking the annual Beijing International Marathon competition as an example, the PM2.5 value in the same day has been up to 14 times more of the World Health Organization's suggestion, and many participants wear masks participate in the competition. This makes the Chinese government aware that its international reputation is likely to be affected by controlling carbon emissions.

Therefore, China is likely to give up the coal-fired power generation, even if the coal power generation has accounted for nearly 80% of its power generation. However, the process of reform is blocked by a large number of electric power companies. Most of these companies are large-scale state-owned enterprises, and problems often have their rigid production plans, and they cannot disclose various information and supervision. This also has lacking competitive power in price, energy efficiency or cleaning production.

The two international non-governmental organizations of the World Natural Foundation and Energy Transition Institute pointed out that state-owned enterprises transmitted and distributing most of the non-renewable energy power generation like \"unregulated enterprise monopoly \". The boss of these state-owned enterprises is generally appointed by the government, but they often have the supervision of the local leaders \"League \", resisting no \"authoritative \".

Another problem in the current China Power Industry system is \"scheduling \". Simpration is simple to determine which energy to use in a specific time to power generation. A report from the US Electric Regulatory Assistance Program said that most national scheduling decisions depends on the minimization of cost. In China, policy makers also encourage this way, that is, the power grid operator should give energy efficient and more environmentally friendly power generation enterprises. In fact, the grid operator is biased towards the help of the coal-fired power plant recovered investment costs. This may be because both parties are born in \"Energy State Enterprise\".

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