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Characteristics of diesel generator set muffle and temperature sensor in diesel generators

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The muffler is a ZUI feature part of the generator set to reduce noise, with the following features:

1, the muffler is mainly made by muzzle, muzzle tablets, upper and lower sealing plates (or head), raincapses, throttle tubes, throttles, connect tubes (or flanges), support, lifting rings, nameplates, etc. Composition of components.
2, has the characteristics of easy installation, good muffler, long life.
3, the muffler can be supported separately, freely expand freely in operation and stop, so that the exhaust pipe is not subject to additional load due to the installation of the muffler, ensuring the safety and reliability of the exhaust pipe operation.
4. Special active connecting devices can be adopted according to design or user requirements.
5, the muffler material is manufactured using high quality carbon steel or high quality stainless steel, with sufficient heat resistance and corrosion resistance, so that the equipment is durable.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator, the coolant temperature and fuel temperature inside the generator set are required during operation, which requires the application to the temperature sensor.
In the diesel generator, the coolant temperature sensor is located on the cylinder of the right front side, and its function is to control the fans rotation, the fuel supply started, controlling the fuel injection timing and engine protection. The general diesel generator operates in -40 to 140 ° C. If the temperature sensor failure causes lower engine speed and power to reduce, the generator will be closed. Most of the coolant temperature sensors in diesel generators use thermistors.
The fuel temperature sensor in the diesel generator is mounted on the top of the fuel filter. Its function is to control fuel heaters and protect diesel generators through temperature sensor signals. If the sensor has failed, it will also affect the performance of the engine.

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