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Causes and protection measures of Cummins engine cylinder cylinder head

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Conditions and protection measures for Cummins engine cylinder cylinder head, Xingyu Power Generator Technical Ministry gives you to answer, Tel: 0991-3856119, 0991-3817210, 0991-3814032

In the work, if there is a \"啪 \" exhaust sound around the cylinder, or hear the tap of \"咕咕 \ \" in the radiator, or check the cylinder pressure adjacent two cylinders The pressure is very low, and it indicates that the cylinder liner is damaged.

(1) reason

1 The engine fuel injection is too large, and the gas pressure rises too high, and a violent impact load is stripped.

2 The order and method of tighten the bolt bolt is not correct, the tightening torque is uneven, so that the cylinder liner is not fully bonded to the joint surface of the cylinder head.

3 The disassembly cylinder head is not followed by the program to deform the cylinder head.

4 The quality of the cylinder liner is poor, the thickness is uneven, especially the pads around the cylinder are uneven, and it is easier to be corrupted by high pressure gas.

(2) Preventive measures

1 When installing the cylinder pad, the joint surface of the cylinder head and the cylinder block should be cleaned.

2 When installing, pay attention to the orientation of the marker, facing the one side of the part number, so that the positioning is coming to the cylinder pad, and align the aperture, the oil hole.

3 should pay attention to each water, oil hole and positioning pin when installing the cylinder pad.

4 When replacing the new cylinder pad, it should be checked if its thickness is qualified.

5 Before installing the cylinder head bolt, apply an oil in the threaded site to reduce the friction, so that the bolt is pressed against the air cylinder head.

6 Must follow the requirements of tightening and number of times to tighten the air cylinder cover bolts, tighten the torque to reach the specified value (see Schedule).

7 should be checked in front of the injector to ensure that it meets

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