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Can the engine be started? Exhaust pipe is gray? What is the reason?

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The engine starts difficult or cannot start, the diagnosis and treatment of the exhaust pipe is as follows:

The engine is difficult to start, and the exhaust pipe is discharged by a large amount of grayish smoke for diesel steam.

(1) reason

1 The temperature of the engine is too low, and the diesel is not easy to evaporate.

2 injector adverse

3 oil supply time is too late.

4 The amount of oil supply is too small, the mixture is too weak.

5 The air cylinder leakage is too much, and the compression is not to reach the fire temperature.

(2) Diagnosis and treatment method

1 If the engine temperature is too low, it should be inspected whether the low-temperature start-up preheating device has failed, that is, the preheater control circuit has an open circuit, short circuit or preheater failure.

2 If the low temperature preheating device is normal, check whether the fuel injection is correct. Turn the engine and insert the engine camshaft positive pin, that is, when the stop point is located at a cylinder, check whether the fuel injection pump cam shaft lock pin can be inserted. If you can't insert it, it will indicate that the fuel injection is incorrect and needs to be adjusted.

3 should be examined whether the spray quality of each cylinder injector meets the requirements.

4 If the first two are normal, it should be checked whether the oil supply is too small. When cold start, since the temperature in the cylinder is low, the fuel viscosity is large, the evaporation conditions are poor, and the amount of starting oil is required to be large.

5 Check the cylinder pressure and the pressure difference should be repaired when it is very far.

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