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Buy a generator to choose the star-diesel generator set, after-sales service is guaranteed

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First, service project
The product quality insulation is 12 months or accumulated for 1000 hours after the unit adjustment test. The first arrival is prequel. In the warranty period, the equipment is shipped due to quality problems, and our company provides replacement damage to parts and maintenance services. And the product implements a three-pack service, free home repair and technical guidance, and provides paid equipment accessories and free technical support for life.
Second, technical services
1. Technical information: information, the construction unit in delivery. Technical data contains product instructions, quality assurance, machine test report, product source card, factory test record, packing single, product certificate, product sample and manual, circuit diagram.
2. Personnel Training: Free unit training of generator set management staff until skilled.
Third, after-sales service details
Service Center
Our company has established 36 sales service centers nationwide, Xinjiang is the center of Urumqi, and there is a service car, and the skilled high-quality service personnel will provide quality service to your unit in time in promise.
Response time
Repairing the user, targeting the technical service personnel within 1 hour within 1 hour of the project, reaching the site within 2 hours, in general, in the case of replacement parts and materials, excluded within 2 hours of the user's generator set Preliminary fault, repair, diesel generator units can work normally (if it is not in place required); when you need to replace the accessories, we will provide a list in a timely manner and explain the supply period, such as accessories to the goods 8 hours after the commissioning complete. To meet the needs of our customers, avoiding our worries.
Regularly invited
During the warranty period, the user is guided by the product every year to conduct product maintenance and maintenance; simultaneously soliciting quality improvements in order to better serve users.
Lifetime maintenance
In the warranty period, our company implemented lifetime maintenance on the sold unit, and users were damaged by people in the process of use, and our company provided technical services free of charge and actively helped repair.
Our company provides the spare parts of the equipment, and supplies users according to the factory price, and the product is implemented for lifetime technical service training.
On-site service
Our company has a sales engineering service department, has a strong professional after-sales service team, with nearly 200 professional after-sales engineering technicians (including internal and high professional technicians), which can guarantee the quality of service.
A 24-hour repair service is available. After receiving the phone confirmation, the city users can follow; at the same time, after the unit is running normally, establish a user file, can regularly or at any time to check, maintenance and repair, and eliminate the hidden dangers of the unit, and ensure that the unit is in good Operating state.
In short, our company will always follow the principle of \"quality reliability, reasonable price, timely delivery, service weight\", and provide high-tech, high-quality products and quality services to users.

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