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Buy Volvo generator, manufacturers tell not to run long-term low load operation

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The first two days, our customers called, they want to letGenerator setLow load operation For a while, etc. After confirming that there is no problem, the technical department has deny this customer's approach. The diesel generator sets of our company have provided customers have not been debugged, and customers are safe to use.

The Star Technical Department of the Starlight Technique is given the reason for the reason for the operation of operating under idling and low load.
Such operation will result in:
1, lubrication fuel consumption increased;
2, drain fuel or lubricant in exhaust manifold;
3. Turbine axis sealing oil by turbocharger;
4. Serious carbon deposits in piston loop, valve, valve, and superchargers;
5, low combustion temperature will cause fuel burning incomplete, resulting in lubricating oil

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