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Autumn is coming, the Starlight Technical Department gives the user to analyze the autumn generator set maintenance Tips 18999222000

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As the season is different, maintenanceCummins diesel engineThe measures are also different. In the seasonal maintenance inspection, some projects may or cannot be classified into the maintenance schedule according to the number of driving miles or working hours, let's take a look at the autumn maintenance of Cummins diesel engines.
(1) Autumn maintenance Cummins diesel engine - cleaning cooling system
The autumn maintenance Cummins diesel machine cooling system must be cleaned to make it work normally. The scale in the system reduces the heat absorbed from the water jacket and the heat discharged to the heat radiator. Use clean water to avoid clogging the radiator and a few hundred soil in the cylinder. For the heat sink core, heater core, oil cooler, and cylinder blocks in scale and sediments, and cleaning, neutralizing, and rinsing with chemical cleaning agents.
Maintaining Cummins diesel engine Note: Do not use too much air pressure when the water is started, so as not to swell the heat exchanger core.
Sediments and dirt, in addition to the concentration of the heat sink, also deposited in the grooves and pits of the cylinder block. Remove the thermostat, flush the cylinder body with water, and the bottom water is separated until the cylinder block is filled with water. Applying air pressure is forcing water to flow out from the water outlet. So repeated, until the flow of water unchanged.
(2) Autumn maintenance Cummins diesel engine - replacement water pipe
Check the hose and hose joints of the oil filter and the cooling system to see if there is no leakage and damage. Damaged hoses The fragmentation of the hose enters the cooling system or the lubrication system restricts the fine waterways and oil coolers of the radiator core, and the cycle is stopped, so it is required to be replaced.

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