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Analysis of the cause of comparative difficulties in the winter engine starting in the north

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1. Why is diesel engines starting in winter?

The start of the engine not only determines its own technical condition, but also affected by external temperature. It is more difficult to start at low temperatures in winter, mainly due to the following reasons:

(1) Winter climate is cold, the ambient temperature is low, the viscosity of the engine oil is increased, and the frictional resistance of each moving machine is increased, so that the start speed is lowered, it is difficult to start.

(2) The battery capacity decreases with temperature, so that the engine start speed is further reduced.

(3) Due to the decrease in start speed, the transferee of compressed air is increased, and the heat of the cylinder wall is increased, resulting in the temperature and pressure of the air at the time of compression, which increases the delayed period of diesel diesel, and even can't be burned when severe.

The diesel viscosity of the low temperature increases, so that the injection speed is lowered, plus the flow rate, temperature and pressure when the air is compressed, and the temperature and pressure of the diesel in the cylinder are poor, it is difficult to quickly form good. The combustion gas is burned in time, or even the fire can cause the start to start.

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