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1200GF Parkins diesel engine technical parameters

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Project technical parameters
Diesel Machine Model: 4012-46TAG2A
Diesel engine factory, PERKINS, Diesel Engine
Diesel engine power (kW) spare 1459kw / main use 1331KW
Type four stroke with exhaust gas turbine boost, direct injection diesel engine
Rated speed 1500rpm
Cooling machine-loaded water tank radiator
Squeezing mode direct injection
Adopt electronic governor
Start mode DC power start
The filter system uses an integrated replacement oil, diesel filter and air filter.
The air filter is a paper core type
Exhaust system adopts industrial use noise reduction high performance silencer and corrugated tube bomb
Cylinder number 12 cylinder
Piston aperture / stroke (mm) 160mm / 190mm
Total exhaust volume (L) 45.842 (L)
Oil pump type direct injection high pressure oil pump
Fuel: Standard industrial diesel
Full of fuel consumption (L / H) 335 (L / H)
Noise level (DBA): 98-102dB (a) lp3m

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