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  • Congratulations on our company won "Metrology Assurance Confirmation Certificate "


    On July 30, Jiangsu Metrics Association issued the"Metering Assurance Confirmation Certificate" for our company, confirming the measurement guarantee capability of Starlights in product quality and management, in line with the requirements of"Jiangsu Province Enterprise Measurement Confirmation Specification". Therefore, specially issued this certificate for our company. Jiangsu Xingguang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has test equipment, advanced production technology, professional manufacturing technology, perfect quality management system, strong research and development technology strength, with 64 sales service department, ready to provide users with diesel generator set equipment installation , Debug, repair a dragon service. Our company sells all the year round of Pains, Cummins, Volvo, Shangchai, Yuchai, and Weichai, etc. throughout the country, and provides after-sales service. Service hotline: 0991-3856119 0991-3817210 0991-3814032 Read More
  • Congratulations to our company for being identified as a "military-civilian integration demonstration enterprise"


    On June 21, 2016, the signing ceremony of the military and civilian integration demonstration enterprises was held in Nanjing. After research and verification, Jiangsu Xinglu Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was identified as "military and civilian integration demonstration enterprise ". Our company produces a variety of models and specifications of various brands of diesel generators. Welcome new and old customers to come to consult. Service Hotline: 18999222000 18609915083 13809953146 0991-3856119 0991-3814032 0991-3417210 400-0991036 Read More
  • China Railway 12th Bureau


    China Railway 12th Bureau Group always adheres to the concept of \"Building a boutique project, tree corporate image \", and renewing the number of boutique projects in the past 30 years and created excellent performance. He has participated in the depth, Jingjiu, Qin Shen, Ningxi, Xinhuai, Jiaxin, Huang, Qing Tibet, Zhejiang, Lanwu 2nd, Zhongnan Railway Channel, Zhang Tang, La Japan and other more than 2,200 kilometers The construction and electrification of the railway dry branch line, speeding up the renovation construction, participated in Wuhan-Guangzhou, Zhengxi, Shitai, He Wei, Wenfu, Jiaji, Yongtaiwen, Guangzhou Hong Kong, Beijing, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Daxin Second, Shanghai-Kun, Cheng Sheng, Xi Cheng, Zheng Xu, Bailan, etc., a total of 1618 kilometers of high-speed railway or passenger line construction. In addition, the company also built a large-scale modern transportation hub and other large-scale modern transportation hubs such as Suzhou Station, Xi'an North Railway Station, and Yan'an Station, Quanzhou Station, etc., participated in the Guangzhou EMU maintenance base, Harbin high-power locomotive maintenance base Read More
  • Hami Organ Agency


    The Organization Administration is responsible for the party's party work, personnel work, work, work, poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation; responsible for the energy consumption statistics of public agencies; branch of energy-saving management, public service department (Convention Center, Wenyin Service Department Coordination and management of finance rooms and aids. Responsible for the Administration for external reception, letters and visits and safety prevention; responsible for the management of the Authority; responsible for the management of employee ideological work within the management bureau study, activities, attendance management and management bureau. The Hami Organ Affairs Authority Orders 400GF, the boarding diesel generator set is configured as the TFW-400, and the Shangchai diesel generator set is a high model of cost savings in China. It is suitable for northwest, welcome to buy: 18999222000, 13809953146, 18609915083 Read More
  • Xinjiang Holy Xiong Energy Development Co., Ltd. 1000GF / 400GF generator set project


    Xinjiang Holy Xiong Energy Co., Ltd. is the Zhejiang Holy Group in responding to the call of the development of the country, with Xinjiang as a strategic base for the development of the group company, in 2006, in 2006, a new type of industrial enterprise invested in the new office in Turpan area, the company registered capital 10 100 million yuan, mainly engaged in the development, utilization and deep processing of mineral resources. The company is closely combined with the development ideas of chemical industry in Turpan, comprehensive utilization of Takson County in water, electricity, coal, limestone, salt, etc., in Takson County fish ditch (where the land of Urumqi Nanshan Mining area) built a large At the same time as the production of PVC, the industrial park is combined with the exhaust gas, waste sagging and wastewater produced by the production process, and has created an environmentally friendly industrial chain of energy conservation, green, cycling and sustainable development. At present, the first phase of 600,000 tons of electric stone project has been put into production, and the second phase of 500,000 tons of PVC project is about to start. In the next 10 years, our company will further Read More
  • Armed Police Gold Eight Team


    The Armed Police Gold Eight Brigade fully exerts the advantages of geological exploration, and actively provides gold strategic resource reserves for the economic construction of Xinjiang, Gansu, Inner Mongolia and other western regions. In the past 23 years in Xinjiang, 171 geological projects have been completed, 28 of the large, medium and small gold mines, and have more than 100 tons of gold reserves, and the potential economic value is billions. Armed Police Gold Eight Teams, about 20 diesel generators, and diesel generator sets, 75KW diesel generator sets, 100KW diesel generator sets, 150KW diesel generator sets, 250KW diesel generator sets. Our company's diesel generator sets have excellent dynamic, economical, reliability, and low operating costs for oilfield, mines, real estate, transportation, railway, banking, government departments, consultants, governments, 18999222000, 13809953146 Read More
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