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my country has become a key point for nuclear energy and wind energy.

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China is a real test site for nuclear energy and wind energy ZUI. China has a huge gap between energy demand and supply. China can ignore democratic decisions and social licensing of construction nuclear energy, so China is building wind and nuclear energy, China's wind energy and nuclear energy construction has grown last. Speed-class, China has wraps most of the financial supervision.

So, what is China's achievements?

According to the data provided by the Global Wind Energy Council, China Wind Power has a new installed capacity of 16GW (GW) in 2013.

In the four years of 2010 to 2014, China has successfully enabled Qinshan Phase II, Ling'ao Phase II, Ningde, Hongyang and Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station to operate, and the power generation capacity of these nuclear power reached 4.7GW. This is not China's nuclear power plant construction plan plan. In 2013, this number is nearing two times, and in 2015, it has reached around 28GW but the nuclear power plant actually built into production. The difference between China's nuclear energy development roadmap and nuclear power plant construction reality follows the development track of global nuclear energy construction: delays, cost overrun, and unexpected expectations.

According to the data provided by the research institution, the data provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is 40.35% in the capacity coefficient of modern wind turbines, and more than 50% can be more than 50% under wind resource conditions.

According to the data provided by Nuclear Energy Institute, the capacity coefficient of nuclear reactors is 90.9%. These are the same reference statistics from the same country.

Calculate it, compare the 4.3GW actual capacity implemented in four years, and the wind energy can achieve the actual capacity of 6.5GW in a year. By annual average calculation, the actual capacity of wind energy is 6 times more of the nuclear energy. In 2014, it may be higher than the average, as 2GW capacity is put into operation this year. As the wind can expand rapidly, we will be able to see what the reality is going. So far, nuclear energy is very miserable in the competition.

By per capita calculation, there are no other regions to build such nuclear power plants like China. In areas where most nucleophilic energy in the world and have loose regulatory environments, the nuclear energy industry is being compiled by the wind energy industry.

India is often touted to another nuclear energy building big country. The country's record is more than China. After decades of development, the total cost of nuclear energy generation in its operation is only 4.2GW. At the same time, the Indian wind energy installed capacity is 1.7GW in 2013.

Unlike nuclear energy, most countries have complete capacity to build wind farms, and they are also doing, and there are 100 countries around the world to power generation in the world. Based on the data provided by the Global War Council, in the past five years, wind energy has newly increased the capacity of 40GW, and the new capacity medium is 16GW, and these numbers are expected to grow.

At the same time, the global nuclear installed capacity is shrinking, and it is expected that it will continue to shrink in the next few years to close 33% of nuclear power plants in the territory, most of the change in wind energy power generation; Germany plans to close all nuclear power plants in the territory; Long-term energy development in Ontario The draft plan shows that the region is planned to reduce nuclear power supply from 55% to 42%; a large number of aging nuclear reactors in the world are nearing the life of life, and they are not renovated. According to informed people, Japan will reach a few-thirds of the nuclear reactors that are shut down after the Fukushima incident.

In terms of empirical aspects, some people promote theoretical possibilities do not matter: wind energy is growing rapidly, and nuclear energy is running, this is the fact.

It is necessary to clarify that I am an advocator for the conditional construction and the economic significance. Nuclear power generation is much better than fossil fuel, its problem is economic and practical, not in environment or health effects. Compared with the equal amount of coal, I am more willing to see that many nuclear power plants are built.

Reality conditions restrictions lead to the growth of nuclear power generation, which is mainly contributed by China and India, because these two countries are existing nuclear-weapons countries, and their energy supply and demand have a huge gap, so the two countries are willing to spend costs to develop expensive. nuclear energy. Similarly, it also has economic significance in developed countries. However, there are many other factors in reality hinder the development of nuclear energy, and this is the problem that other renewable energy is not.

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