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Xinjiang starlight pays attention to today: the value, motivation and strategy of power system reform

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Since the reform and opening up, China's power industry has completed the world-famous major-scale adjustment and development, and the performance of electricity is still not completely eliminated, regional, seasonal, time-free electric waste or even long-term trends. Instead of unique China, emerging economies such as India have long been suffering from more serious shortcomings, and Western developed countries is slowly developed. Since the 1980s, the world's power marketing has not finally completed, and large-scale power-on accidents have been uncommon in various continents.

The power supply is a worldwide problem, and the development of power infrastructure needs to take up a lot of funds and resources. The root will be buried by all social members, so its development trend is fundamentally dependent on the value of its creation. The value is significantly higher than that of various social costs, economic development, and electricity first natural water to the stream; if the value-added space is limited, there is a lack of significant comparative advantage in the competition of public resources, often in a lack of annoyance, increasing Decision of the newspaper.

Traditionally, electricity is seen as the basic industry and utilities, but this positioning itself has fundamentally a capped industry value. In the front half of the industrialization, in particular, the power consumption of the unit output value is high, so that the value of the power supply is high, so the power development is returned; and when the economic and social development has entered a higher stage, electricity often enters one. Development status is maintained at a low level of development based on negative excitation of the shortage loss.

Therefore, the goal of promoting electric power reform will definitely point to the value of the electric power industry, that is, through system, mechanism, process, and architecture, the power industry can make greater value for the society, and then realize its own sustainable and healthy development. Solve the worldwide problem of power supply.

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