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Xinjiang Star Light Focus: How to power it up by the base station generator?

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The generator of the base station is divided into two, one is fixed, and has a fixed diesel generator in the base station computer room. The two are mobile, and there is no generator in the computer room, and it is necessary to manually drag the generator to the computer room.

First, base station fixed generator power generation

If the base station fixed generator is not assembledGenerator remote monitoring systemWhen the city is shut down, it also needs to go to the base station computer room, artificially power generation, ie labor and labor, and the key is a lot of costs, which is inconvenient to manage.

Power generation with the remote monitoring system of the base station generator can remotely monitor the power generation of multiple base stations, which is convenient, greatly featured. Human cost and management cost. The steps are as follows:

1. The system will automatically detect the city electricity downtime.

2. Automatically detect the conditions of the starting oil machine power generation.

3, passWireless data transmission module(DTU) Automatic detection of oil sections, hydraulic pressure, voltage and other parameters.

4, the base station generator remote monitoring system automatic ATS switch to the oil machine power generation.

5. When the city calls come, the generator is stopped and the system automatically switches to the main electricity generation.

Second, the base station dragged generator power generation

1, putOil machineOutside the machine room, check if there is gasoline or diesel in the oil machine, and see if the oil is normal;

2, use the multimeter to detect whether the market is powered down; if it is powered off, turn off (separated) the city power switch, generally the empty opening inside the communication box;

3, put the electric wire of the good head to the pin hole of the generator, and the other end is again accepted.

4, start the oil machine, after the oil is maintained, then the power saving switch is again.

5. Check if the base station switching power module can work properly;

6. When the city call is coming, the first penetrator is powered by electric switch, and then the oil switch is removed, then remove the power line of the distribution box port, followed by the power generation of the generator, and the listed electric switch, and check the switching power supply again. Module, can see it properly. Special attention is that the generator must not be placed in the machine room;

7. When power generation, it is surely sang the city's electric switch;

8. When restoring the market, it is necessary to turn off the oil machine and remove the power line and then the listed electric switch.

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