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Xinjiang Star Light Focus: During the operation of the diesel generator, what do you need to pay attention to when charging it?

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1. Wear protective equipment when working, and prevent the acid to splash injury.

2, the electrolyte container should use a porcelain or large glass bottle to prohibit the use of metal containers such as iron, copper and zinc, which is strictly prohibited to pour the distilled water into sulfuric acid to prevent explosion.

3. When charging, you should find the positive, negative electrode, clamping the column and the column and the column, and prevent accidents such as fire, explosion and anti-charging due to mixed wire.

4, charging, often check the pleases of the shell cover, preventing the internal pressure of the battery in the battery, which causes the battery housing damage due to porosity.

5. It is not allowed to check the voltage of the battery in the charging of short-circuiting methods to prevent accidents.

6, the charging is good in ventilation, it is not allowed to spray the electrolytic liquid, leakage, the electrolyte on the battery holder should be rinsed at any time.

7. When repairing the AC circuit, the power supply must be cut off, which is strictly prohibited.
When the diesel generator is charged, it will encounter a problem that the charge is not advanced, then how should it be solved? This problem may be caused by a fuse or rectifier diode damage. When the fuse is blown, the charger power indicator is not lit. After the rectifier diode is damaged, the power supply indicator of the charger is on, but no direct current output.

1. The charger transformer is burned out.

2, the diode on the charger is burnt.
3, charging current meter damage
4. The fuse of the charger is burned.
The method of excluding the fault is to disconnect the charging cable and the battery connection line, and test the voltage of the two output terminals between the charger with the multimeter DC voltage gear (50V), pay attention to the positive electrode of the red table brush, and the black table pen is negative. Discover no voltage output. Remove the charger housing, check the charging safety core, found that 60A's insurance core burned. After replacement, the charger is restored to normal charging, and the fault is excluded.

In addition to the safety of their own attention during the charging process of diesel generator, pay attention to the failure of the charging process, timely exclude the fault, and ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator set.

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