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What is the intersection? What is the principle of power lines and transformations?

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The so-called insulation cooperation refers to the contradiction between overvoltage and restricted measures in the power system and the contradiction between the excessive voltage and equipment insulation (Diesel generator setsThus reasonable determination of insulation levels or test voltages at all levels of electric power systems have reached the purpose of safe, economic, and high quality.

The insulation of the power system includes the insulation of the power plant, the electrical equipment of the substation, and the insulation of the line wire. The principles of cooperation are: in the power system below 220 kV, the level of insulation of power plants, substation and power lines, generally to withstand internal overvoltage of usually possible outline. Atmospheric overvoltage selectionPower generationWhen the factory and substation are insulated, it is generally based on the ordinary valve arrester; when the insulation of the power line should be, it should be the target of Nare. Generally do not considerPower generationThe insulation cooperation between the factory, the substation and the power line is not considered, and the insulation cooperation between the various devices of the substation is considered. This information is sourced from Xinjiang StarlightGenerator setOfficial website: 24-hour free consultation hotline; 400-0991036

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