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What hazards have been hazard after the neckline of the regulator connection generator?

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1, the internal collision of iron regulator, if the magnetic field line is connected to the armature wire, the generator although generates electricity, the monomagnetic current is also passed through the throttle, but the compressor contact flows back to the generator armature, but the current passes through the contact. In contrast to the original current direction. Therefore, when the compressor contact is opened and closed, there is a large spark between the contacts, issuing an oscillate. In this case, the wiring of the armature junction column and the magnetic field terminal should be quickly changed, and the contacts are sanded with a sandpaper to avoid burning bad balance resistors and contacts.

2, outer iron regulator, if the armature, magnetic field reception line, the monomagnetic current will not be controlled by the throttle and the compressor, the balance resistance is a load of the generator, and the balancing resistance will be rapid time when the generator is adjusted. burn. At one end of the generator, such as a magnetic field and an unbearable notes, or one end of the regulator is electrically connected to the portable error, except for the above-mentioned disadvantage, the generator will not be transmitted.

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