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What are the applications of diesel generators in a special market?

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First, speed up the development of the remote area. Many of the countries in any country in the world have rich resources, but they are also away from power networks, and modern technology has no exception to have sufficient power supply without exception. DieselgeneratorThe equipment can quickly meet the choice of this requirement, because it invests in provinces, built fast, can supply it home, so many countries have used a large number of diesel generators in many countries in many countries in recent years. Therefore, most of the electricity supplies required for remote areas will be accompanied by diesel power generation equipment.
Second, meet the demand for electricity in the desert area. In order to meet the desert oil, natural gas exploration and development needs, the use of diesel generator in the desert area will have increased with desert development.
Third, promote the construction of tourism development zones. At present, many of my country's tourist areas have introduced diesel generator as a basic power supply or spare power to ensure the safety operation of the development and facilities of tourist attractions.
Fourth, carry out the active electricity market for rental business. Domestic rental variety of dieselgeneratorThe group is used as a market demand for temporary power supply, but it has not been specially engaged in the department of rental business. Many leasers can only rely on the support or search relationship between various departments to get a temporary power supply. From the active electricity market, convenient and temporary users, increase their socio-economic benefits, expand the service area, the development leasing business in the diesel power generation equipment industry is advantageous.
Five, the choice of rescuing power supply. In the 1998 anti-flood relief, the trailers used in the Yangtze River Embankment and the small generator set guarantee the smooth development of various rescue actions. The diesel generator sets mainly used activities such as the rescue operation of the police force to assault, mining camps and natural disasters.

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