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The global diesel generator set industry market has reached 10.28 billion US dollars.

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In recent years, the global diesel generator group has maintained steadily growth. The demand growth of world diesel generator sets is mainly from the following factors:

First, urbanization. Growth and urbanization of the global population grows on the demand for spare power supply;

Second, the construction of infrastructure. New infrastructure construction increases the need for mobile power and self-supplied power supply;

Third, update. National communications, electricity, transportation, resource development, national defense sectors have the configuration and continuous update demand for their own power supply, alternate power supply, and mobile power supply;

4. Internal birth demand in developing countries. The popularity of home appliances in developing countries is still low, such as in African countries, about 50% of people can use the power provided by the grid, and the power demand is constantly growing, so the diesel generator set has a huge power supply and alternative power supply. Market demand.

China's Industrial Information Network released\"2014-2019 China Diesel Power Generator Industry Competition Situation and Investment Prospect\" pointed out: The international financial crisis broke out since the second half of 2008 and gradually spread to the entity economy, North America, Europe, the Middle East and other major markets The demand has shrunk, and most manufacturers' orders have fallen. Due to the lag of market reactions, in the first half of 2009, the overall sales of the global diesel generator sets had a significant decline in the short term.

Since the national government's rescue policy is taken out, the main developed countries will gradually recover, thereby driving the resiliency of the entity economy. In the context of global emerging economy economy, the global demand of diesel generator will continue to be released and have a stable growth.

The 2009 demand is $ 7.2 billion, and it is expected that the demand in 2014 will reach 10.28 billion US dollars, and the compound growth rate (CAGR) reaches 4.93%, most of the new demand comes from China, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, African oil producer, Latin America and other emerging economies. Australia and other countries and regions of the body and mineral resources. Coupled with gasoline generator sets, gas generator sets and distributed energy market share Global generator sets are expected to be more than 20 billion US dollars. It is expected that the market size will continue to grow in 2020.

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