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The generator set regulator cable cannot be received, which will cause burning bad

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Generator set regulator cable considerations

1, the regulator cable cannot be received, the signal and power supply of the outlet head 2 and 3 and the power supply enter the generator tap line, its voltage is 200V, which cannot be received from 400V, otherwise it will cause burning.

2, the two of the external potentiometers appear on the heads 1, 2, and when the potentiometer cannot be disconnected, when the potentiometer, the potentiometer cannot be opened, otherwise it is easy to cause damage.

3, the magnetic field sprint Do not use a 24V battery, you need to use a 12V battery, and the magnetizing timing must be in a static state, otherwise high-point smoke can damage the regulator.

4,50 Hz, 60Hz2 should pay attention to the correct connection, otherwise it affects the normal use of the regulator.

5. When turning off the generator set, first meet the reasons, such as the fuse, wiring, residual magnetic voltage, and the like. Do not blindly adjust the adjustable potentiometer and magnetization of the regulator

8. When the diesel engine idles, do not adjust the regulator and magnetization.

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