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The cause of lack of engine, the reason for the black smoke

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The cause of lack of engine, the reason for the black smoke

Insufficient engine power and continuous black smoke is excessive from most cylinders or all cylinders of the engine, and the fuel and air mixing ratio are disordered. When combustion, severe hypoxia, diesel combustion is incomplete, suspended free carbon elements The exhaust gas is formed together. If the exhaust pipe is intermittent black smoke, it is accompanied by \"Suscitation \", indicating that the individual cylinder is not complete. The reason is as follows:

1 The injection pump is improper, so that the oil supply is too large, the combustion is incomplete.

2 The injection quality of most injectors is poor.

3 When oil supply is incomplete.

4 The intake door is lowered, and the opening time is postponed, resulting in insufficient intake.

5 Air filter cartridge is too dirty or air filter installation is incorrect, so that the air is not smooth.

6 The supercharging efficiency of the pressurizer drops.

7 The air supply is too bad.

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