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The basic working principle of diesel generator and the importance of diesel generators play an important role in typhoons.

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One,Diesel generator setsA type of a self-supplied power plant is a small independent power generation equipment, powered by internal combustion engines, driving synchronous alternating generators. The brushless synchronous alternator is mounted with the diesel crankshaft, which can utilize the rotor of the diesel engine with the rotor of the generator. The generator can output the induced electromotive force, and the closed load circuit can generate current. . The diesel generator is combined by the internal combustion engine and the synchronous generator. The zui high-power of the internal combustion engine is limited by the mechanical load and heat load of the components, called the rated power, and the rated power of the AC synchronous generator refers to the rated speed. When long-term continuous operation, the rated power output is typically between the rated power of the diesel output rated power and the synchronous alternator output, referred to as a match ratio.
Second, the diesel generator set is a non-continuous operation of the power generation equipment. If the continuous operation exceeds 12 h, its output power will be lower than the rated power of about 90%. If the user needs to be used for a long time, you need to configure a common-purpose generator set, which is to consider this power decline in a long working unit. The relationship between common power and spare power is: such as the user who needs a 100kW diesel generator set, usually with 100KW dieselGenerator setThe spare power is 100kw * 110% = 110kw. That is, the common power of the alternate 100 kW diesel generator set is 90kW. Although the power of the diesel generator set is low, it is widely used in mining, railway, field construction sites, road traffic maintenance, and factories, corporate, hospitals, etc. due to small power, flexible, lightweight, fully equipped, easy to operate and maintain. As a spare power or a temporary power supply.

From July 18, the typhoon \"Wemaz\" hitting my country Hainan, Guangdong and other regions, just a multi-land grid, giving great troubles to the people in the disaster area. Some villages and towns have a timely coordination of diesel generators to reach the site. Timely solve the problem of electricity, the villages and towns that have not been resumed, and the relevant departments will increase the number of diesel generators to ensure power supply, especially the Guizhou power network organized 4 repair teams. Emergency exhaust 314 diesel generators have arrived in Hainan, which is a power company in the Southern Power Grid Support the disaster area ZUI.

With the arrival of the support team, the exhaust supply supply of diesel generators, the electricity in most disaster area has been well guaranteed, and some unable to solve the power supply area, the relevant electricity sector has also stepped up coordinating the diesel generator, so that the power of the people in the disaster area Supply is guaranteed.

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