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Starlight reminder: Main matters that use diesel generator groups in winter

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Winter is coming, the technical department of Starlight Generator reminds users, dieselgeneratorGroups running in cold weather requires precautions:

1) Pay attention to the water tank cannot be frozen, and the method has a dedicated long-term anti-rust, antifreeze or use the electric heating equipment to ensure that the temperature is above freezing.
2) It is strictly forbidden to bake
3) The no-load preheating time is a little longer, and can send electricity.
4) The normal temperature is below 5 ° C, and the engine should be preheated before the start of the engine, and the start is preheated to 30 to 40 ° C, and the start of the main preheating cylinder, thereby heating the temperature of the haze diesel, because General diesel engine is compressed)
5) It is necessary to perform full load operation when the water temperature of the diesel engine is higher than 55 ° C, the oil temperature is higher than 45 ° C. The water temperature and oil temperature of the engine should not exceed 95 ° C during operation, and the oil temperature of the torque converter should not exceed 110. ° C
6) When the temperature is less than 0 ° C, the water tank is subjected to the cooling water in the water chamber, the engine, the oil cooler, and the torque oil cooler, so as not to freeze the cracks; water vapor in the gas tube, often emissions, Prevent freezing, causing brakes fail. If you have added antifreeze, you can not release it.
7) When the temperature is below 0 ° C, the antifreeze concentration is inspected at the time, and the use of untreated water is used as a coolant of the engine.
Remember: in areas where the temperature is extremely low, it must be equipped with a water heating device on the unit.

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