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Starlight pays attention to \"friction generator \", you can generate

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Xinhuanet Beijing June 5th: A power generation technology based on friction-powered electricity and electrostatic induction effects is accelerating into the lives of people and become a new choice for China's green energy development. Behind the advancement of technology, it is the efforts of Beijing Zhongguancun to extend overseas high-end talents, build innovative ecology, for the first batch of\"Thousand Talents Plans \" entrance, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the founder of Wang Zhonglin, the founder of the founder of the founder.

In a laboratory of Zhongguancun High-end Talents Entrepreneurship Base Building, the Academician Wang Zhonglin demonstrated this new energy supply model. He picked up a small plastic ball, gently swayed, ten LED lights were lit; he worked on a glove, both hands friction, shoot, current. He said that all this is to rely on this \"Everything you can generate electricity\".

Wang Zhonglin said that the friction generator is different from the traditional electromagnetic inductive generator and the frictional motor principle. The friction generator utilizes the coupling of the friction and electrostatic induction effect, and the design of the thin layer electrode is matched to realize the effective output of the current. .


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