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Starlight attention: the world's slimmer generator came out

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Science and Technology Daily News, American scientists reported on the\"Nature\" magazine in the recent report that they observed the piezoelectric effect in a single atomic thickness of molybdenum disulfide (MOS2), confirmed the previous theoretical forecast, and developed global The slimmer generator and mechanical perception device, which is not only very transparent and bendable.
The piezoelectric effect refers to stretching or pressing a material that causes a voltage, or in turn, the application voltage causes the substance to be stretched or contracted. To date, scientists have not observed piezoelectric effects within materials of several atomic thickness. The research collaborator, Georgia Institute of Technology Materials Science and Engineering Professor Wang Zhonglin (Transliteration) said: \"Research not only two-dimensional materials such as molybdenum, but also helps scientists develop a new type of mechanics control. Electronic equipment.\"
Another partner, James Horn, a professor of Mechanical Engineering, Colombia, said: \"This material is only so thick, it is expected to be manufactured to wearable equipment, perhaps it can be integrated into the cloth, and move the human body The energy transition is electrically, thereby supplying power to wearable sensors, medical equipment or mobile phones. \"
Wang Zhonglin said that there are two key points using a diulfonated molybdenum to generate an odd layer and make it bend in the correct direction because the even layer will cancel each other.
In the study, the Horn team placed the slimming boss flakes on the flexible plastic base and using optical techniques to determine their lattice orientation, then they placed the metal electrode on the sheet. The Wang Zhonglin team will install the measurement electrode on the sample provided by the Horn team, and then measure the current according to the mechanical deformation of the sample. They monitor the conversion between mechanical energy and electrical energy and observe the voltage and current output.
The researchers said that when they change the direction of the applied tensile force, the output voltage will also reverse, and if the number of layers is even, the voltage in the sample will disappear, which is the scientist in the odd layer of molybdenum The piezoelectric effect was observed.
Wang Zhonglin said: \"Like other materials such as molybdenum disulfide, the pieces do not have a piezoelectric effect when the thickness is only one atom, and the piezoelectric effect will appear, this is really fascinated. \"
In fact, one of the two-dimensional semiconductor materials of the diulfonated metal sulfur compound, which are considered to have the same piezoelectric effect, and the study may be the unique attributes owned by these materials and opened the land. The gate.
Wang Zhonglin emphasized that the study revealed the piezoelectric effect of two-dimensional materials, which greatly expanded the application potential of multi-layer materials in human machine interaction, robot, microelectromechanical system, and active flexible electronic device. In the end, we may develop a nano system of atomic thickness, which can utilize mechanical power supply from the surrounding environment.

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