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Starlight Technology: The Influence of Ambient Temperature on Power Generator Set

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According to internationally versatile technical requirements, generally define the use ambient temperature of the generator is 40 degrees Celsius, and all design and power are in this ambient temperature.
In fact, for generators, the ambient temperature should be the winding temperature of the generator. Since the generator works with the diesel engine, the diesel engine heats the whole space of more than 40 degrees Celsius.
The ambient temperature of the generator should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius at the actual runtime. This is very important. If the actual use environment temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, thengeneratorThe power should be reduced.
For the ambient temperature, if it is less than 40 degrees Celsius, the power of the generator can be larger than the rated power.
When the ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, the power correction coefficient of the generator is:
Ambient temperature (degrees Celsius) coefficient
45 0.97
50 0.94
55 0.91
60 0.88
Humidity, height, and temperature, etc.generatorThe operation is affected, and the situation is much more complicated when practical use, and other factors will affect the normal operation of the generator.
Some situations listed below will affect the generator:
1. Corrosion gas containing other gases in air
2. (at the seaside) with brine (fog)
3. Dust or sand
4. Rainwater
Therefore, we must consider the influence of various complex climate to generators to ensure the normal operation of the generator. The Star TFW series generator recommends the following three options to accommodate different climates:
1. Cold condensate: Used in an environment in which humidity and prunity condensation in air, turn on the heater when the generator is not running, so that the body of the generator is greater than the ambient temperature of about 5K, and the heating is cut when running Power supply.
2. IP23 Protective Level: Standard IP22 is the rainwater dripping into the motor,Star light generatorThe IP23 protection level is provided to prevent rainwater from 60 degrees in the vertical direction that cannot be entered inside the motor.
3. Air filter: Some places due to large winds and dust

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