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Starlight Company simply introduces diesel generator sets

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Xinjiang Starlight Company introduced youDiesel generator setsspecialty:

(1), single-alone capacity level. International units from thousands of watts ~ tens of thousands of kilowatts, thousands of tiles in the domestic unit

(2), the structure of the supporting equipment is compact, flexible installation location (water cooling only 34 ~ 82L / kW? H steam turbine 1/10)

(3) High heat efficiency, low fuel consumption (30 ~ 46% heat efficiency)

(4), starting rapid start, and can quickly reach a full-power only for a few seconds, the emergency end of the full load (normal 5 ~ 30min) downtime

Short, you can stop frequently.

(5), simple maintenance, less people, easy to maintain during spare

(6),Diesel generatorsThe integrated cost of construction and power generation

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