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Star Focus: 2014 US generator set market will show a stable growth trend

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I believe that many people will remember, when opening the car hood, there is enough space in the engine compartment to insert various plugs. But have you seen such a car recently? This is now estimated that only in some generator sets can be seen.
The generator set market is just a very distant thing for some people, which is not the topic they are interested in. The so-called generator set is nothing more than some box-like things that can power, isn't it?
If a picture can make everything clear, then it is much easier. Those observers who are in the power generation unit market, the reply may be slightly awkward, \"Yes, you are right, but ... \".
In the US, the power unit market below 500 kilowatts covers several use conditions: small to the cargo picnic or outdoor camping, which is big to play for the process of saving life or maintaining people's life. Important roles provide the required electricity. Considering all of these applications, if the generator set is still called \"can power generation box \" may be a bit uncomfortable.
There are several important popular words often mentioned repeatedly, such as \"sustainable \", \"green \",\"double fuel \",\"flexible fuel \", \"renewable \" , \"Regulations \", \"Energy Efficiency \", etc., but it is estimated that they will soon disappear. Among all these words, some doing an important role in the development of the development of the generator market. Think about other factors, although it is just a simple concept, the entire industry is looking for many useful technologies (there are also some useless) to apply it on the generator set to make this look like The same thing is to serve countless end users and meet their various needs.
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