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Star 10KW-40KW total die generator technology

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The configuration of the Star Chaihai diesel generator set is the fullworks and diesel engine. The special introduction of the Star STC series generator, the special model of the chariot diesel machine is as follows:
Tablet series diesel engine is the companygeneratorThe working condition characteristics of the group, fully developed, integrated the advanced design concept of the inside and outside the country, using advanced three-dimensional design software such as PRO-E, UG, using advanced CAE analysis technology, optimized reasonable structure improves the stiffness of components, full It is guaranteed that high reliability, strong power, good economics, adhering to the consistent good quality of the vehicle series diesel engine.
Products include A, B, C, D four major product platforms, with a total of 8 basic models to choose from the economy of 9 ~ 45kVA generator sets.
main feature:
1, low adjustment rate, has the advantages of stable speed, small vibration, low noise, and so on.
2, using a direct injection combustion chamber, easy to start, low fuel consumption, good economy.
2, high power, strong power, and good condition should be good.
4. Key components are employed by optimized high-speed vehicle diesel components for durability.
5, the structure is compact, easy to install the arrangement. The power interface meets SAE standards, market interchangeability and versatility.

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