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Some factors restricting the development of domestic generator sets

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Generator setAs a technology-intensive product, as a power supply such as spare and construction, widely used. In the early stage of foreign brands into our market, there are very few manufacturing companies in my country, most of which are mainly low-end products. However, after nearly 20 years of long-term development, most of the domestic generator sets manufacturers are still inadvertent production, and can even be said to be in the state of handmade workshop. The low-end products manufactured, can only take low-cost way to enter the market, causing market chaos. If the manufacturer of domestic units can change a few factors, it will break the bottleneck that hinders the market development.
First, product design is a process of producing a generator set and a basic work. Divided into: base design, control cabinet design, circuit design, cabinet design, etc. Today, most of the manufacturers are on-site operations. One piece of tape measure is designed. The shape of the product manufactured is not beautiful enough, and it is even more important, and the equilibrium and concentricity are not standard.
Second, product assembly, most manufacturers in China do not produce units according to standard operation procedures, basically disorderly assembled, one is to waste time, the second is that the workmanship is not improved, and the quality of the product is not stopped. . Therefore, as a manufacturing company, there must be strict, standard, standard assembly processes.
Third, product debugging, most producers in order to save costs, when they test, it is not standard or non-loaded, there are manufacturers, assembly, and directly exit, and often cause a lot of problems in the user's site, giving enterprises Adverse effects.
Summary: The price is important, the quality is the king, and the domestic part of ChinaGenerator setManufacturers ignore the most fundamental elements of industrial products. Only to improve the product, in order to build a domestic market.

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