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Ropet (Xiamen) Technology Group Co., Ltd. signed a 300KW diesel generator set

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Recently, our company and Ropet (Xiamen) Technology Group Co., Ltd. signed a 300KW diesel generator set, and the unit as a customer's project emergency power supply in Ji Musar. This is the first diesel generator set, which RopeT was purchased in 2018, thanked Ropete, this diesel generator set purchase project to choose Starlight as a supplier.

RopeT (Xiamen) Technology Group is a high-tech enterprise specializing in security products, producing, sales, Lingdao, video images and information processing technology, with US General Electric Co., Ltd., US United States Combine Technology Corporation (UTC ) And the world's 500 companies such as Siemens companies maintain long-term cooperation in the security field. RopeT (Xiamen) Technology Group has always adhered to development of science and technology, survive with quality, and is currently the company's unit of Vice President Fujian Security Association, and is rated as a brand of China's security zhu, China Security Industry, China, \"3111 \" pilot project recommended brand, safe urban construction recommended brand, China's security industry ZUI has a public trustworthy and other honors.

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